Our Vision 

To be a family of believers that reflects our neighborhoods, transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, grounded in his grace and love, and devoted to the restoration of each other, our city, and our world

Vision and Mission Structure

At Living Hope Vollintine Evergreen, we base our discipleship and mission structure on the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20. Jesus says,

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” - Matthew 28:18-20

Therefore, our goal is to provide members of our local church with a culture that helps them to grow in their discipleship of Jesus and to equip them to obey the commission of Jesus, which is to go and make more disciples. Our missional culture can be seen in our: 

1. Sunday Gatherings - Our Sunday gatherings take place each week @5pm in the large sanctuary.  

2. Discipleship Groups - Discipleship Groups are small groups made up of covenant members of our church. They meet weekly with three goals in mind: (1) to grow in their discipleship of Jesus individually, (2) to display the love of Jesus through authentic relationships with one-another in the group, and (3) to connect each individual to the larger local church through relationships and service. Our goal for discipleship groups is to practice using “gospel” language and truths, and for each to be replicated in other conversations throughout the week.

3. Sunday School - Sunday school is a monthly small-group style gathering meant to aid in a disciple’s knowledge of the scriptures. We discuss many of the major topics in theology in a setting that allows for Q & A and discussion. 

4. Local Missions - Our church focuses on supporting local mission efforts that allow our members to invest relationally and spiritually into the lives of the poor and marginalized. Years of neglect, poverty, “white-flight,” violence, etc., have left our city with great physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our church family will host and organize projects of restoration multiple times a year. These include helping with homeless ministries, cleaning up our streets and green spaces, serving the teachers and schools near our church building, etc. These efforts are open to anyone interested. Our goal is to provide visible examples of helping the poor, the widow, and the orphan (the marginalized of society) as Christ commands us to do. These are also awesome opportunities to pull in people who are “walking with us,” as well as showing our children how to serve.

5. Global Missions - We as a church will commit to giving monthly to our global mission connections (both directly and indirectly through groups like Acts 29). We will also commit to praying for the nations on a regular basis. Through our partnership with the growing church in Mexico, we will send family teams down each year, as well as bring their leadership up to us. Alongside Living Hope Piperton and Acts 29, we will also provide opportunities for our church members to be able to serve in global mission opportunities in other areas around the globe.

Membership covenant

In order to help us understand our role as a member of Living Hope Vollintine Evergreen, we have developed a church covenant. A covenant is a relationship agreement. The Bible teaches us that God has worked through covenants that he created with humanity and his people. Covenants help define how a relationship will work. Our church covenant is list of values that we hope each member of our church commits to. This is not a list of rules, or a list of ways to be a good Christian. It is simply a way of saying, “Here is how we hope to achieve our vision, by committing to these values.”

LHVE Membership Covenant

Having been rescued by the grace of God, given freely through the death and resurrection of Christ, and evidenced by profession, repentance, and baptism, we now joyfully covenant with one another, relying upon grace, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to live as a particular people; the Church, God’s mission, Christ’s Body, and Bride.

Because we have been saved by God’s grace – a grace given freely to us through Jesus’ death and resurrection – and because our salvation has been proven by our profession of faith in Christ alone, and by our repentance and by baptism, we commit ourselves to living out our faith in Christ in this church, Living Hope Vollintine Evergreen. We make this commitment trusting not on ourselves, but relying on God’s power through the Holy Spirit to live as His people, members of the Body and Bride of Christ. We commit ourselves to:

Loving God:

  • WORSHIP - Gathering regularly and consistently with the church for worship.

  • HUMILITY - Submitting to the authority of Christ and our elders, always seeking to maintain unity.

  • DEVOTION - Engaging with God through God’s word, the Bible and prayer.

  • GENEROSITY - Practicing the discipline and grace of giving.

Living in Community:

  • RELATIONSHIP - Embracing a shared life through meaningful relationships in our church body.

  • ENCOURAGEMENT - Encouraging and advising each other with the truth of the God’s word, the Bible.

  • SERVICE - Serving the body of Living Hope with joy.

  • MULTIPLICATION - Partnering for the spread of the Gospel.

Serving Our World:

  • PROCLAMATION - Sharing the hope of the Gospel with others.

  • COMPASSION - Remembering and caring for the poor, vulnerable and hopeless.

  • HOSPITALITY - Serving others in my community, my city, and the world.

  • ACTION - Praying, going, and sending for the advancement of the Gospel among the nations through Living Hope’s church planting efforts.