At LHVE we strive for meaningful membership. We believe that spiritual growth occurs best in the context of a local church. We hope to be a local church that equips the saints for ministry, creates space for gospel-centered relationships, and fosters an ever-deepening relationship with the triune God. 


Becoming a member of Lhve

Here is the process for becoming a member of LHVE:

1. Regularly attend worship gatherings, service opportunities, and social events in order to get to know us and to become known by us. 

2. Read and complete our membership questionnaire in order to better understand our values and beliefs and so that we can learn about you. You can print out our questionnaire HERE, or you can request one from a pastor or elder (email

3. Meet with 2 of our elders in order to go over your questionnaire, discuss questions that you might have, and brainstorm about how you can best be involved in the life of our church and our mission. This meal is covered by the church and is meant to help you meet our leadership and be served by them.

requirements for memebrship

1. Profess faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ and live as his disciple. We believe that the Apostles' Creed is great summary of the gospel story and is biblical based (we recite this creed every Sunday). 

2. Be baptized. We teach believer's baptism by submersion. If you have questions about baptism please let us know. We are glad to discuss baptism with you.

3. A commitment to our vision statement and membership covenant. Click HERE to view each.