Helping with children's ministry

In our context, we are outnumbered by our children and youth. Serving in children's ministry on a Sunday night is a great blessing to our church and allows our adults to be in the service meeting and relating to our guests. Our Sunday youth ministry currently consists of 3 classes - infants(under 2), preschool (under 4), and elementary (under 10).   Each class requires a minimum of 2 adults. The classes run from 4:45-6:30 (or, the length of our service). 

Helping with Community Meals

At the end of every month we like to host a meal for our friends and neighbors. This meal is designed to be blessing for those who are on a tight budget, as well as provide a place to build community. 

The meals take place directly after our worship gathering ends, which is usually around 6:30pm.

We typically feed 100 people on these nights.