March Reading Plan 

Week 1 (3/4) - Colossians 1

Week 2 (3/12) - Colossians 2

Week 3 (3/19) - Colossians 3

Week 4 (3/26) - Colossians 4




Week 1 Devotional Questions (Colossians 1:15-23)

1. The Image of God. Read Genesis 1:25-28. How do you define the image of God? In the sermon we identified two words that are helpful: duty and dignity. How can this understanding of the image of God in women and men change the way that we treat all people in our lives? How can it help you to more confidence in the way that God cerated you?

2. Jesus Over Creation (vs. 15). Read Colossians 1:15-23. Why does it matter that Jesus was present at creation and how did he show his preeminence over creation in his earthly life? How should this impact the faith of a Christian?

3. Jesus Over The Spiritual Cosmos (vv.15-16). How often do you think about the spiritual cosmos - good and evil forces that you cannot see. How does the Bible view them and how can that help you view them? What is Jesus' role in the cosmos and how can that bring us confidence as Christians?

4. Jesus Over The Church (vs. 18). What is Jesus' role in our church, LHVE. In what areas do you think we might make him more preeminent in our church, and how can you contribute?

5. Jesus Over The Conquest (vv. 19-20). These verses describe Jesus' preeminence over salvation history, your salvation. End your time by praying a prayer of thankfulness to God for your salvation.