A church planted by other churches.

LHVE exists because two churches partnered together for the sake of the gospel. In 2013 Living Hope Church Piperton and McLean Baptist Church joined efforts to allow a small group of believers to plant roots in the Vollintine Evergreen neighborhood. We hope to be a gospel-centered presence in the place that we live. Our 60,000 sq.ft. building was a gift from McLean Baptist church, who ministered to this area from 1925 to 2017. We are extremely grateful for and encouraged by their grace and love. 



A Building for the neighborhood

Our church uses our building very little, for worship and youth activities. The rest of the week we fill our building with several non-profits that seek to benefit our neighborhood and city. Some of our partners include VENS, Serve901, and AA. If you'd like to find out more about our building please contact our building Manager/Adult Eduction Director Antwoine Clark - aclark@lhchurch.com.